Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does my child need in order to play?

Saucon Little Laxers (kindergarten) - no equipment needed! We will provide the special sticks and balls.

Boys grades 1-8 - all players will require a certified lacrosse helmet, protective pads, a lacrosse stick, and a mouthguard. Cleats are highly recommended.

Girls grades 1-8 - players require a girls lacrosse regulation helmet OR regulation protective eyewear, a mouthguard and a girls lacrosse stick. Cleats are highly recommended.

Goalies - both boys and girls goalies require additional protection. SV Youth Lacrosse will supply this additional goalie equipment (pads, shin protectors, helmet, and stick) and will be handed back in at the end of the season. Players who play the goalie position must have his/her own mouthguard.

How do I know if I'm buying the right equipment?

US Lacrosse recently published an Equipment Fitting Guide to help provide first-time buyers, parents and players with suggested guidelines in purchasing equipment.

Designed to help both the boys’ and girls’ youth player, the guide explains how lacrosse equipment should feel when properly worn. Photographs and descriptions for both field players and goalies are featured. Click here to download the guide.

What are the rules in girls and boys lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a new sport to many of our players and parents. In order to understand the rules of the game, there are online rules guides for both girls and boys. Note that the rules vary slightly at different age levels, as well as for college players.

As for rules that apply to our youth program, our 1st - 8th grade girls and boys programs and our local leagues follow the rules and guidelines as published by US Lacrosse. The rules of lacrosse govern games and equipment used. Learn more here.

Does your program allow players who do not attend Saucon Valley Schools and/or who do not reside in Lower Saucon or Hellertown?

We have traditionally allowed players who reside in a township or town that does not offer a lacrosse program, such as Salisbury or Wilson (Williams Township).  We have many players who reside in neighboring Williams Township.

We have also welcomed players who attend private schools such as Moravian Academy, Charter Arts School, St. Michael's or St. Theresa's and who live local to the Saucon Valley area.

If you and your player resides in a school district or township that offers a program such as Southern Lehigh, Bethlehem or Easton, the player should sign up and play for that program.

When are the practices?

Please see our Boys or Girls informational pages for practice day guidelines by grade level. Once registration is completed, a message will be sent by your player's coach with specifics regarding the first practice and the schedule moving forward into the season.

I have questions about the SV Youth Lacrosse Program. Who do I contact?

We have very passionate coaches and leaders who are ready and willing to help with any question you may have. For girls program questions, contact Andrew Gutshall.  For boys program questions, please contact Chris Hastie.

Issues or questions with registration? Please send an email to our general inbox at

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